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This is Derek. I first drew up this little chap about five years ago whilst living in Melbourne. I’ve decided to revisit some of my older creations and work them up into some new illustrations and story ideas. I’m hoping in a month or two to have some work to show from all this, but for now heres an introduction to Derek and the idea!

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Rum Pah Pah !
Rum Pah Pah !

Woo Woo, lots of good news flying about The Grey Earl office at the moment. I can’t comment on too much of it just now, but if it all comes to fruition, I’ll definately be making a papier mache version of the instrument featured in this post and running about Glasgow with it, vocalising ‘RumPAhPah RumPahPah’ at the top of my voice, over and over and over!

Siobhan Wilson | limited edition print

Siobhan Wilson | limited edition print

This is the artwork we decided to use for a limited run of Siobhan Wilson’s recent ep ‘Glorified Demons’. She is currently on tour with Mr Willy Mason no less and will be selling them at the next few shows around the UK. Keep yer peepers peeled….

you can also buy her music via the means on the world wide web in digital format! Click the link and treat yourself to some very pleasent music:

Siobhan Wilson – EP concept art

Siobhan Wilson - Glorified Demons, concept art.
Siobhan Wilson – Glorified Demons, concept art.

This was the first illustration I made up for the lovely Siobhan Wilson. Though it didn’t end up getting used, some of the main features were carried through to the final version.
I really like the idea of doing more work for musicians, as it totally changes the way that I approach the creation of the illustrations. I’ll post up the artwork tomorrow that ended up being used in the limited edition run of Siobhan’s EP, ‘Glorified Demons’. If you see her at any shows over the next month or two, you might just be able to get your hands on one!

coming soon in giftcard and large print format
coming soon in giftcard and large print format

It’s been a busy few weeks at Grey Earl Towers. Yesterday was spent jaunting about Scotland on a Megabus marathon, (four cities, one day) to try and get Batboy in shops outwith of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Had some success and am pleased to announce that Dundee will be the next city to be stocking Grey Earl merch. A few other shops in Perth and Edinburgh have shown interest in a new range of illustrations that I’ve been working on….The Kindergarten Crusader doesn’t even feature in them! Who’d have thought?!
The bus was hellish, but being a veteran (always disgruntled) passenger on the M.Bus, I was prepared and came packing weight. ‘Weight’ being a pack of pencil crayons and sketch pad. Managed to finish up another Batboy design (above), which will hopefully be online and in the shops of this fair country sooooon.

News of a new range of prints coming soon, stay tuned…..