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Red Shoes

For those of you who are signed up to Tramways info in Glasgow, you may have seen some visuals not too disimilar to this recently. My good friend Judey (two shoes) Williams is putting on the Tramways first ever winter show and I got the gig of designing the promotional material for it, whoopy!!! This is the illustration that I provided…..


…..and down here is the first drawing, to give you an idea of the loose, sketchy way I work when putting ideas together. 


The final render of the image is going to be a digital version, which you can see here but I’m hoping that the hand drawn aesthetic will appear in some context during the run of the show starting at the very end of November.

It will undoubtably be a beautiful show so I encourage you all, young, old and anywhere in between to get yourselves a ticket and head along.

Click this link to get booked in!

been a while

Hello there, I’m sorry it’s been so long, I did write something specifically for you, a little while ago, but the dog ate it. Fear not, I found that dog and using a multi pack of pedigree chum and a feather duster, managed to retain the chewed, half digested article. Thank the Lordy, I hear you say!


….and so, to you, the reader, I bestow these words, rescued from his slobbery chummy chops.

‘I’ve been meaning to write a little post for a while now as a lot has been happening. Time for such musings seems a little hard to find these days, but that is no bad thing, and so I am grabbing the opportune moment just now, on a train to Edinburgh, to write some things down and hopefully catch up with myself….and you, how are you old bean!? How rude of me not to ask first! Please forgive me. You’re looking very well……I’ll continue,

Where to begin…..Let’s start with the biggy, myself and good friends, dear pals and creative comrades, Miss Judith Williams, Miss Ruth Janssen and Mr Andy McGeoch have successfully been granted support from Creative Scotland to create ‘Grandad and Me’ (That’s a lot of creating!). For those of you who have no clue as to what Grandad and Me indeed is, where have you been! You should probably click here, like the page and find out more right away!

gdad poster_fb

In brief, it is a piece of children’s theatre, which will be unleashing on the weans in 2014. We’re totally over the moon and it has signalled a new direction in my work on several levels.

Things are shifting and I’m making some good breakthroughs in terms of my creative output and my productivity with regards The Grey Earl in a business sense (I made an excel sheet with digits and names and prices and everything and even saved it into a shiny, organised, colour-coded folder on a thing called a hard drive!).

Some new shops have come onboard the Batboy train and I’m chuff chuffed (see what I did there?) that he’s now being sold as far South as tropical Exeter (Good Golly Miss Molly) and as far north as Inverness (Ginger Pickle).

I’ve been working on a new Christmas range of giftcards featuring mr batboy, which I’m happy to announce, is now on sale through Made From Scotland, another joint venture. Some of you may be a little disappointed to hear that the new range does not contain the full frontal nudity of Santa, back in the first batch in 2012, but there are some rather tasty Christmas puns still, as well as a couple of new characters for Batboy to deal with.

candy bane fb

I’m having a big reshuffle at the moment, my creative time ‘working’ has needed a little bit more of a focus and I’m trying to find the right balance with it all. In the past (i.e. as recent as yesterday!) I have felt that my endeavours are all being kept up in the air in a sort of juggling motion, and although I do own three juggling balls, I am pretty rubbish at said activity. Life outwith of drawing has also needed a little attention and I feel that I am taking some good steps forward in dealing with a few ways of thinking which haven’t always served me well in the past. Don’t worry folks, nothing too drastic, but glad to be asking questions and finding some resolution or clarity on them. I’d give it a week and I reckon I’ll be levitating from enlightenment….might be a cheaper means of travel n’awl, the no.6 bus is getting a touch pricey and the seats can be awfy grubby.

The last few months there has been a flurry of activity musically, which I have enjoyed and feel very grateful for. I played a set recently at my favourite venue in Glasgow, The Glad Café (mon the soof!). It was a real treat, with Cat Calton helping me out on strings; and thankfully the nerves which once existed are now proving to be more manageable. I am finding ways of settling on stage and realising that there is a process for me to follow which helps. Breathing and not drinking four pints of high percentage beer before I play are two of those steps.

Ere’s a wee foty of me adopting my usual hunched over and stare at the floor routine and miss Calton, playing at a living room gig with Sofar, twas right nice.


I’m hoping to record some new songs with Andy McGeoch from The Letter J, which I’m excited about and will broadcast those soon as they’re done.

Lot’s of posts to come from all the visuals I’ve been knocking up for various projects, so I’ll stop waffling and get the illustration gorge fest on the go….get yer forks n’ knives ready, there’s a whopper load on the way!

Lots of love to you, you lovely thing you,

From the electronic writing keypad device of,

The Grey Earl