Party Animals

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They’re here! The Party Animals are just in time for Christmas and making them has been a right joyous affair. From sketching out ideas to making little movies to promote them, it’s been a fun learning process and hopefully it’s a range I’d like to add to all year round, not just for Christmas…..sounds like an animal charity tag line!

I’ve got a few more characters in line to feature which I’m hoping to get to soon after the new year, but if there’s any animals you’d particularly like to see in a party pose, then do drop me a line. I’ll send you a free card once it’s made up and even name it after you!

Here’s one of the movies I made using after effects, featuring my good pal, Mr Liam Chapman as Mr Sloth. For anyone who knows how to animate, or indeed is a fan of the medium….I can only apologise and hang my head….I will get better!

A whole bunch of my other pals pitched in and did some sterling acting work. Big thanks go out to the Glamorous Ms. Judith Williams, Geraldine Heaney, Becki Gerrard and the missus, Helen Gallogly. I owe them big time, so going to take them on a day trip to see one of the party animals in real life….depending on how well they sell mind, it may have to be the yet to be drawn Party Slug who resides on our back door step. Still he does do some pretty impressive tricks and is incredible at musical statues, we’ve whiled away many an hour playing that one.

They’re now available at the online shop, and you can save big time with the multipack, 5 for the price of 4, whoooft!

Here’s a nifty link:

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