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Stars are Braw – Christmas Collection 2015

Christmas isn’t just for us lucky folk down on Earth, it’s for those in galaxies far, far away too, you know?

Last year was The Party Animals, this year, I’ve decided to link in with the Stars are Braw range and do a small run of cheeky ¬†festive cards featuring Darth and his pals/enemies.

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giftcard multi

The Party Animals – 2014’s Christmas Card Collection… Available to purchase this year here

Here’s a closer look at the five designs that¬†made it to print from the new Stars are Braw range….

That awkward moment….every year!
winter wolly wookie
No better time of year than to bust out the winter wooly, this one fashioned by a wookie.
This years Christmas decorations provided by those good chaps from the Empire, how thoughtful.
Christmas telly
It’s Christmas, put your feet/tail up, switch on the box and have a belter.
the sauce
The sauce is strong in this one.

These cards are now available from the online shop and should be in selected independent gift shops around Scotland, by November.

May the force and Christmas sauce be with you,

The Grey Earl, x