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Batboy perty!

Bless their cotton sockys, them there ladies at Black Box Boutique over in Edinburgh. Putting on a batboy party is no mean feat, but we pulled it off so a big thanks to them!

… there was dancing, dressing up and marshmallows with dipped chocolate and a smartie on top ( a revelation to me!). A whole heap of pals and some new faces rocked up to don primary coloured underpants over their troo’s and slip on some superhero fit marigolds.

It was also the launch pad for the new range of prints and giftcards inspired by the two cities I spend most of my time flitting between, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Simply titled ‘Yaldae’, these designs (I hope!) capture the real essence of each of the cities, with galloping pandas and drunkenly mountable statues avec traffic cones.

The party was a hoot and it’s got me thinking about what next for batboy (aside from keeping under the radar of DC comics!)….. I have a few ideas brewing as well as the kettle, so for now I’d best take a break and get a cuppa down me….but like the never ending churn out of piss poor superhero movies and the inevitable end credit tag lines ‘…..he will be back….to be continued…..this is not over….yadda yadda’, ¬†fear not, batboy will indeed return!

In the meantime, I’m going to dress up in the costume made by my mrs, the very talented Helen Gallogly ¬†and get my batdance on…. see you at the disco’s.