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Schools Poster Competition 2017 – Review

Being a part of last years Edinburgh Festival’s Schools Poster Competition was a real treat. I’ve already posted about the experience on here, so here’s a quick update from the Fringe Societies Annual Review…. promo031promo029promo030….Thanks again to all involved and for allowing me a part in the process of this great project.

Fringe Schools Poster Competition 2017

I was extremely honoured to be asked to take part in the Edinburgh Fringe Schools Poster Competition, as their lead artist and member of the judging panel.


The competition is a fantastic initiative to get children thinking creatively and a great opportunity to encourage them to express themselves, be that through designing a poster, taking a photo, or writing a poem.  I am really looking forward to seeing what schoolchildren across the country come up with.

The project is now approaching its submission deadline, so for any young people across Scotland who would like to take part, now is the time to get cracking with those creative ideas.

So far, I’ve had the pleasure of delivering a Continuous Professional Learning session for teachers in Edinburgh, as well as an illustration workshop with a very creative group of pupils from Roseburn Primary, also in Edinburgh.

Here are some images taken from the Roseburn Primary workshop. Photography by Alan McCredie.

Shona McCarthy, the Chief Executive of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, gives a good explanation about the importance of this years competition in relation to the Fringe’s 70th Anniversary.

The Fringe Schools Poster Competition has been an integral part of the Fringe for 36 years and we are very proud that the competition is one of the longest running arts outreach programmes in Scotland. To coincide with the Fringe’s 70th anniversary celebrations, we are relaunching the competition and offering three pupils from Scottish schools a unique opportunity to inspire three cover designs for the official 2017 Fringe Programme.

The Fringe prides itself on its ability to applaud diversity, promote inclusivity and inspire creativity in those who take part. The Fringe Schools Poster Competition was established with these values at its core, encouraging children to get creative. Next year promises to be a very special year for the Fringe and I am delighted that we will be revealing not just one, but three individual programme covers, inspired by school pupils in Scotland.

I created an illustration for the competition’s organisers, which has been used to promote the project and is currently featured in Fringe HQ’s window in Edinburgh!

The Competition and workshop at Roseburn Primary were featured on The Janice Forsyth Show, BBC Radio Scotland 

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the artwork submitted by pupils to this years Competition and will update the blog with more info (and hopefully some visuals) soon.

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Picture Hooks – launch

Picture Hooks: Getting the Hang of Illustrating Children’s Picture Books.

I have been working on a series of illustrations for a children’s picture book idea, with the support and guidance of the amazing Debi Gliori. The launch was on Friday 30th October at the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh and runs until the end of February.

The Picture Hooks programme, funded by Creative Scotland, provides an opportunity for emerging Scottish illustrators to develop their practice under the guidance of established professional illustrators.

Here’s a few snaps from the night (photography courtesy of Picture Hooks):

Looking surprised with the Picture Hook’s mentees: Tracey, Catherine, me, Maisie and Hannah

Debi and me having a blether

The exhibition is located in the IT Gallery of the Scottish National Gallery (Princes Street Gardens entrance) until the 26th of February 2016. If you get a chance to visit, it would be great to get your thoughts on the whole show. There’s some amazing and diverse work featured and I feel really honoured to have been given the opportunity to show my work alongside such a great troop of illustrators.

Huge thanks to the whole Picture Hooks team, the staff at The National Gallery and Debi Gliori for her amazing guidance.

Red Door Gallery – Window display

It’s been an interesting week or two at Grey Earl Towers (affectionate name for my 2nd floor workroom). I am delighted to report that Red Door Gallery, (superb little shop/exhibition space in Edinburgh) asked me a little while ago to make up a window display to promote my new range of cards/prints, Stars are Braw. Excitedly, I jumped at the chance and so decided to try something a little different to add to the display.

Needless to say I’ve been going craft daft, revisiting old school papier mache  techniques and making more stuff out of bog rolls than a whole Blue Peter team could muster. I thought I’d keep a little log of the building process, incase I ever wanted to start the toilet roll toy building empire. First up, the old boy, DV.

And here’s a couple of snaps of the illustrated wares that old D pants here will be featured on, in the window display and to purchase in store.

And here’s the rest of the motley crew in all their toilet roll glory….

The very talented Helen Gallogly (the better half) offered her costume making services and gave little Darth his very own cape too! Delighted with the results, cheers pet.

You’ll be able to check these little chaps out on Monday 4th May, (May the Fourth…..) near the Grassmarket at Red Door Gallery on Victoria Street, Edinburgh. I’ll be in the window, painting and sticking and hanging, do pop by for a looksy and a blether.

Thanks to Red Door for the opportunity, looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

Batboy perty!

Bless their cotton sockys, them there ladies at Black Box Boutique over in Edinburgh. Putting on a batboy party is no mean feat, but we pulled it off so a big thanks to them!

… there was dancing, dressing up and marshmallows with dipped chocolate and a smartie on top ( a revelation to me!). A whole heap of pals and some new faces rocked up to don primary coloured underpants over their troo’s and slip on some superhero fit marigolds.

It was also the launch pad for the new range of prints and giftcards inspired by the two cities I spend most of my time flitting between, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Simply titled ‘Yaldae’, these designs (I hope!) capture the real essence of each of the cities, with galloping pandas and drunkenly mountable statues avec traffic cones.

The party was a hoot and it’s got me thinking about what next for batboy (aside from keeping under the radar of DC comics!)….. I have a few ideas brewing as well as the kettle, so for now I’d best take a break and get a cuppa down me….but like the never ending churn out of piss poor superhero movies and the inevitable end credit tag lines ‘…..he will be back….to be continued…..this is not over….yadda yadda’,  fear not, batboy will indeed return!

In the meantime, I’m going to dress up in the costume made by my mrs, the very talented Helen Gallogly  and get my batdance on…. see you at the disco’s.