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Hunk o’ Junk

I’m here, I’m back! I know, it’s been ages right?! You’ve missed me I know, but dry those eyes, rub those tears of joy away…. they are joy tears, right?

I ask you to put down your pager, forget what you’ve been filling your day with,  no matter how important, I’m back with a series of blog posts, designed to blow your socks off, or at the very least, give your feet a tiny rest, whilst you sit down and allow your eyes to find their purpose, on this giant (or tiny) backlit screen (device)…. fear not, it really only should take about 4 minutes, then you can get back to that important thing you were in the middle of.

First blog post of 2018 begins with some photos taken waaaaaaay back in the year 2017! You remember that year, right? The absolute batshit crazy one, we weren’t sure we’d make it out of, without some kind of nuclear fallout. Well the good news is, we did!

The better news, is that I have these spanking snaps of my Hunk o’ Junk enamel pin to share with you, from the very talented Murray McMillan.

Photography by Murray McMillan

Photography by Murray McMillan

Murray is not only a photographer but a fireman, so he gets both thumbs up from me!

I love the snap of the falcon on the falcon, a piece of ephemera from my youth, that I sadly parted company with long ago, (oh god, now I’m the one crying), so big thanks to Murray for taking these.

He’s also regularly shared other work of mine, over on his instagram page. It’s such a massive help having this kind of creative support, so big up Murray…. give the man a follow and check out his other cultural/life snaps, some real gems.

If you’d like to get yourself or a loved one (or a mildly appreciated, not quite so loved one) a hunk o’ junk pin, then head on over to my etsy page….. HERE!

These bad boys are available quickity quick in the UK and also ship internationally, just as long as the hyper drive holds up and your letter box is big enough*

*pin badges are a scaled down, reproduction of the actual millennium falcon, so should fit through most post boxes/letter flaps.